10 Reasons Why You May Need Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBM)

Photobiomodulation is a non-invasive, non-thermal therapy which stimulates cells to generate more energy and undergo self-repair through the use of near infrared light (NIR). Also known as low-level light (or laser) therapy, PBM has no side effects. 

PBM is indicated and helpful for:

  • Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Cognitive impairment from trauma, injury, etc.
  • Depression, anxiety, and mood disorders
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Stroke
  • Global Ischemia

Top 10 Reasons To Consider PBM Therapy

If you aren’t familiar with PBM yet, this brief overview of the benefits can help. We’ve rounded up a list of reasons why so many people choose PBM.

  1. Pain Reduction: Individuals who deal with pain on an ongoing basis understand how pain can negatively impact their lives. PBM reduces inflammation and can promote short-term pain relief. This can improve relaxation and productivity.
  2. Improved Sleep: Difficulty sleeping has a domino effect on every area of a person’s life. Many clients who experience poor sleep patterns have noted improved rest with PBM. They often report feeing less tired, and clients who use bio trackers report that their feedback shows they sleep for longer amounts of time, including the deep sleep cycles that everyone needs.
  3. Improved Cognition: Intranasal photobiomodulation technology uniquely stimulates the underside (ventral area) of the brain, which contains important areas otherwise unreachable transcranially. This neurotechnology is designed to maximize cognitive efficiency and performance. 
  4. Increased Energy Levels: PBM optimizes how your cells use oxygen to make fuel, called ATP. PBM can even help those suffering from chronic fatigue. Who doesn’t need more energy for their daily life, family and work responsibilities, and exercise routines?
  5. Relief from autoimmune disease symptoms and fibromyalgia: If you deal with the complications of fibromyalgia or autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, and others, PBM can help by reducing inflammation. People who try PBM report reduced amounts of pain and greater relaxation of muscular spasms.
  6. Improved circulation: Circulation is essential to health. Blood circulation provides necessary oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells and removes waste products. PBM can help promote better circulation in a person’s body.
  7. Stress Relief: Clients who participate in regular photobiomodulation therapy sessions often report reductions in their stress and anxiety levels. They experience improved mood and feel ready to tackle what life throws at them. Preliminary studies show that PBM can help reduce the symptoms of major depressive disorder and anxiety disorders.
  8. Adjunct to Weight Management:The body’s metabolism is a complicated process, and factors like sleep, circulation, mood, and recovery all play a role. PBM addresses each of these components, and it can be a valuable addition to a lifestyle change for weight management.
  9. PBM Takes Only Minutes: PBM devices are easy-to-use, portable and effective. Photobiomodulation therapy sessions typically just take about 20 minutes and can be done from the comfort of home.
  10. The Benefits of Holistic Therapy: Many people enjoy the benefits of holistic therapy treatments for a variety of reasons. PBT is a non-invasive, non-thermal treatment that uses light to heal. Using light to stimulate brain activity may sound far-fetched, but it shouldn’t.  After all, science unanimously agrees that UV light from the sun on our skin stimulates Vitamin D production. More than 40% of the sun’s light waves come from healthy, NIR wavelengths. 

Photobiomodulation Therapy in California

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