The Traveler IV Nutrition Formula

The tough truth about travelling is that it can take a toll on your sleep schedule, immunity and hydration. 


It’s happened to all of us. You get home from a relaxing vacation or a productive business trip, but instead of feeling refreshed, you feel exhausted.


At Neuro Wellness Spa, we understand that travelling can run you down— but it shouldn’t have to. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip, The Traveler IV formula can make sure you’re ready for what’s to come.

Why Choose IV Treatment?


Traveler’s fatigue and jet lag are common, but why?


The process of travelling can be draining. It may involve switching time zones, coming in contact with dozens or even hundreds of people, dealing with slow-moving lines, worrying about being on time or stressing about whether your luggage will make it to your final destination. 


Additionally, the pressure, temperature, humidity and oxygen levels in planes, trains and cars may differ from what you are used to. 


IV nutrition restores our bodies with water and key nutrients which help rehydrate and re-energize. Through a standard drip, IV nutrition delivers highly concentrated vitamins directly to your bloodstream, bypassing the gut for full absorption. Each of our IV nutrition formulas is tailored to replenish key nutrients shown to relieve stress, improve mood and reduce fatigue. 



Do You Suffer from Traveler’s Fatigue or Jet Lag?


The custom IV nutrition formulas at Neuro Wellness Spa were developed by Dr. Brendan Cochran, an intravenous therapy expert. Our IV Traveler formula contains nutrients that have been shown to help relieve stress, improve hydration and reduce fatigue.

The Problem



Travel can take a toll on your body.


Airplane cabins, in particular, have very low humidity levels. About half of the air circulating in planes is pulled from outside, high-altitude air which is much lower in moisture, so it’s not uncommon to experience throat, nose and skin dryness after air travel. Traveling also puts you in close proximity to so many people and their bacteria, viruses and fungi which can strain your immune system.


When flying, changes in cabin pressure result in lower air oxygen levels. This can make you feel drained or even short of breath. Those same pressure changes may also contribute to feelings of motion sickness or bloating when the gas inside your digestive track expand. Additionally, many people indulge in less-than-healthy behaviours when they travel, like overeating or staying up late.


Neuro Wellness Spa’s IV nutritional therapy is a healthy way to make a quicker recovery from these and other symptoms. Administered in a relaxing spa setting, our IV nutrition formulas are absorbed quickly and contain key nutrients shown to re-adjust, rehydrate and re-energize.

Our Solution



Doctors have been using IVs to help patients with nutritional deficiencies for decades.


Ensuring that vitamins bypass the gut, IV nutrition is becoming a more popular route for nutrition supplementation.  IV nutrition delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream.


With IV nutrition, vitamins are absorbed within minutes whereas with swallowed vitamins, it can take hours— if they get absorbed at all. 


Neuro Wellness Spa’s Traveler Formula was designed specifically to relieve the symptoms related to travel. The formula helps counteract nutritional deficiencies that can contribute to feelings of stress, fatigue and low mood that can come with travelling. Our formula is a safe and effective way to optimize your nutritional health. 




The ingredients in our IV Traveler formula have been shown to boost hydration and relieve fatigue.


The Traveler IV Nutrition Formula consists of the following key ingredients:


  • Magnesium—decreases migraines and increases muscular and vascular relaxation (2)
  • L-Taurine—creates a calming effect, also reduces involuntary muscle contractions (3)
  • L-Glycine—reduces fatigue (4)
  • B-Complex—increases energy levels, cell metabolism, and supports healthy brain function (5
  • B-5—encourages synthesis and breakdown of fatty acids and carbs (6)
  • B6-Pyridoxine—helps lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, replenishes B-6 deficiencies due to alcohol consumption (7)
  • B-12—prevents risk of neuropsychiatric disorders, as betaine located within B-12 helps support neurological pathways (8)


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One Traveler IV drip session is $165. 

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