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TMS Therapy for Schizophrenia

TMS for Schizophrenia in Los Angeles

Schizophrenia is a complex, long-term and serious disorder that requires lifelong treatment. Schizophrenia interferes with how a person thinks, acts, feels and perceives reality. When left untreated, schizophrenia can be disabling.

At the Neuro Wellness Spa treatment centers surrounding Los Angeles, we take pride in offering transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to treat schizophrenia.

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How is Schizophrenia Treated with TMS?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a safe and effective treatment that delivers magnetic pulses to stimulate the cerebral cortex and decrease psychotic symptoms. TMS is non-invasive (does not require surgery), non-systemic (does not affect the entire body) and well-tolerated.

For schizophrenia, TMS is a supplemental treatment that is meant to be used in combination with other therapies. It is not meant to replace schizophrenia medication.

Many individuals with schizophrenia experience symptoms like hearing voices or seeing things that aren’t there. Unfortunately, medications are not always effective at making these symptoms go away. If your medication does not seem to be working for you, contact your doctor to discuss alternative treatment options.

TMS can help treat schizophrenia and its symptoms. Call Neuro Wellness Spa today to learn more about TMS or to schedule a consultation.

Schizophrenia Disorder Statistics

Individuals who suffer from schizophrenia usually have shorter lifespans. Many of those suffering with schizophrenia pass away earlier than expected with 40% of those deaths are attributable to suicide.

Signs & Symptoms of Schizophrenia

If you believe you or a loved one may have schizophrenia, treatment options are available. It is important to contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Symptoms of schizophrenia usually begin between the ages of 16 and 30, and rarely appear after age 45. Early symptoms may include losing friendships, failing classes at school, or losing interest in activities that were once enjoyable.

Medical professionals categorize the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia into 3 categories:

  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Cognitive

Positive Symptoms 

Positive symptoms are generally not seen in healthy people and may include losing touch with reality such as:

  • Hallucinations – seeing or hearing things that are not there. A common schizophrenia hallucination symptom is hearing voices.
  • Delusions – individuals will struggle fighting off false beliefs such as paranoia (the delusion that someone is trying to harm you).
  • Losing train of thought – another common sign includes thought disorders. Individuals will forget what they were about to stay in the middle of a sentence or makeup words as they speak.

Negative Symptoms 

Negative symptoms involve disruptions in normal emotions and behavior. For example:

  • Losing interest in plans after you set a date with someone
  • Inability to finish an activity
  • Loss of enjoyable feelings and emotions
  • Self-care neglect like not bathing

Cognitive Symptoms

Cognitive symptoms may involve changes in cognitive ability, memory or other aspects of thinking:

  • Forgetfulness or poor memory
  • Trouble paying attention
  • Difficulty making decisions or retaining information

What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy?

TMS is both non-invasive and non-systemic. It has fewer side effects than other treatments. In some cases, no side effects at all. Other treatments rely on deep brain stimulation or vagus nerve stimulation. Unlike those treatments, TMS does not require electrode implantation or surgery. It will not cause seizures or require the use of anesthesia sedation. In fact, TMS will not affect cognitive function. Patients can go about daily activities following treatment.

At our office, we show you exactly how the process works before your first session. When you make an appointment, you’ll see in person how TMS looks, and feels.

TMS safely treats symptoms of ocd, anxiety and depression. It relies on the use of magnetic energy. This stimulates parts of the brain affected by mental health disorders.

It began as a treatment option for non-responsive depression. Since, it has grown to include other disorders as well. However, it remains a depression alternative treatment option for many people. The Neuro Wellness Spa is one of the top providers of TMS therapy.

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FAQ – TMS For Schizophrenia

  • Is TMS Effective for Schizophrenia?

    TMS for helping treat schizophrenia has been studied for several years now. Research has shown that TMS is a safe, non-invasive treatment with minimal side effects. It has been approved for major depressive disorder by the FDA and continues to be researched.

  • How Long Does It Take for TMS to Start Working?

    The time it takes for TMS to start working depends on the individual and their genetic make-up. Response time can be anywhere from one week to four weeks. If TMS doesn’t show results immediately, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective. It simply takes some people longer for their brain to adjust to the changes.

  • Can TMS Exacerbate Schizophrenia Symptoms?

    TMS has been researched for over 15 years and has not shown any incidents of worsening an individual’s condition.

  • How Successful is TMS for Treating Schizophrenia?

    TMS is considered a safe treatment with minimal side effects. The most serious side effect is risk of seizures; however, this is extremely rare and usually only occurs when the TMS coil is misplaced. The FDA approved TMS in 2008 for major depressive disorders. Ten thousand sessions were then conducted in a clinical trial, and there was not one single seizure occurrence. This innovative treatment shows promise for treating schizophrenia.

  • Why Use TMS to Treat Schizophrenia?

    Schizophrenia treatments usually consist of antipsychotic medications. Often, these types of medicines are not as effective as doctors would like. In fact, it’s thought that almost one-third of schizophrenic patients don’t respond well to antipsychotic medications.

    There is a strong need for alternative remedies when treating this disorder, and TMS has shown positive progress towards schizophrenic treatment. However, do not stop taking schizophrenia medication without supervision from a doctor.

  • Are Other Therapies Recommended Alongside TMS Treatments for Schizophrenia?

    Psychotherapy for schizophrenics can be used in solo sessions, in group therapy, and combined with medication (Either TMS or antipsychotics). Team-based treatments offer positive outcomes because the individual receives a strong support system motivating them to continue treatment and keep up with their weekly goals.

    Following TMS treatment, therapy gives the patient the opportunity to track changes and discuss their progress. Call us today to have your any questions about TMS combined with therapy answered.

For more information about the services we offer or whether TMS treatment is covered by your insurance provider, contact us today.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • My Life Started To Turn Around

    star star star star star

    Within just a couple of weeks of TMS treatment, my life started to turn around. I felt in more control of my emotions and that led to better life decisions & a healthier lifestyle.

  • Incredible Progress In A Short Amount Of Time

    star star star star star

    My life has completely changed with ketamine therapy. My therapist even said she had never seen such incredible progress in such a short amount of time.

  • We Got Our Son Back

    star star star star star

    After eight weeks of MeRT treatments, our son is now more verbal and much happier. He started communicating with us and making jokes.

    MeRT Patient
  • A Game Changer

    star star star star star

    IV nutrition has been a game changer and a great way to start my week. I love how I instantly have more focus, energy and I feel like I can tackle anything.

  • Got The RIGHT Meds

    star star star star star

    Spent decades on meds that weren’t right for me. Took the genetic test, learned about what would work for me and got the RIGHT meds. Has made such a difference for me.

  • TMS Changed Everything

    star star star star star

    I was so low on energy and TMS changed everything. Now, I look forward to starting my days. My focus has improved. I appreciate things I couldn’t even notice before.

  • Relieved My Symptoms After A Lifetime of Struggle

    star star star star star

    I was amazed that Spravato relieved my symptoms after a lifetime of struggle. Today, I’m leading a class in mental health, working in my greenhouse & spending time at the beach with my dog, Oshi.

  • It Gave Me A Bigger Picture

    star star star star star

    It was interesting to see that according to the genetic test, I’m a fast metabolizer of that particular pain medication. It gave me a bigger picture of how my genes work.

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