NAD+ IV Therapy

NAD+ IV Therapy in Los Angeles and Santa Monica

Nicotinamide adenosine dinucleotide (NAD) is an essential molecule found in every cell of the human body. It is the “gas” for the cells ability to turn food or glucose into energy (ATP). This plays a role in many different systems throughout your body, including maintaining muscle tone and function, encouraging healthy cell growth, counteracting tissue damage, and reversing damage to your mitochondria. Neuro Wellness Spa offers NAD IV Therapy Treatment throughout Los Angeles and Santa Monica to assist patients in restoring their cellular energy.

Our bodies’ NAD stores decrease with age and chronic illnesses. As NAD levels drop, cells become sluggish, signs of aging processes increase, and oxidative stress begins taking its toll as toxins progressively accumulate in cells. IV NAD supplementation boosts levels of this coenzyme to support your health at the cellular level.

Why Choose NAD IV Therapy in Los Angeles?

NAD is Key to Cellular Energy

NAD is an essential coenzyme for many cellular processes, including DNA damage repair, energy production and metabolism, intracellular calcium signaling, epigenetically modulated gene expression, and immunological functions. NAD repairs and lengthens telomeres, the protective caps at the end of your DNA, which slows the aging process.

NAD+ was first recognized on a Nobel Prize level in 1929 when two scientists won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. One of the chemists identified the structure of NAD+, referencing it in his acceptance speech as “the biologically most important activators within the plant and animal world.” Other Nobel Laureates have also studied NAD+, going on to win the prize for their work.

NAD IV Therapy Declines Age

People worldwide are living longer. For the first time in history, most people can expect to live for sixty years and beyond. However, older people today are not experiencing better health than their parents. Aging results from a variety of cellular damage over time which leads to a decrease in physical and mental capacity and a growing risk of illness.

The body needs NAD+ but it doesn’t have an endless supply of it. Two human studies mirrored what we’d already known happens in animals. In 2012 and 2015, researchers discovered NAD+ declines in human tissues with age. NAD IV Therapy infusions can deliver NAD directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the gut for full absorption.

Post NAD IV Therapy, most people report increased clarity of mind, improved focus and concentration, increased energy, better sleep, improved mood, and reduced anxiety. Additionally, those with chronic illnesses (fibromyalgia, chronic pain, diabetes, cancer, chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, addiction) report a lessening and/or reversal of symptoms with multiple infusions.

NAD+ IV Therapy for Optimal Health

You get trace amounts of NAD from what what you eat, like milk and yeast and green vegetables. You can also get NAD+ from supplementation, like IV NAD treatment which makes NAD immediately available for use by your cells.

In addition to the coenzyme itself, IV infusions have several additional benefits. NAD is delivered via a saline solution which rehydrates your body. The saline solution simultaneously flushes out toxins and free radicals. You can not only boost cellular health and regeneration, you can detoxify your body at the same time. Neuro Wellness Spa is one of the few locations in Los Angeles that utilizes NAD IV therapy to treat and improve overall optimal health.

The Importance of Cellular Health and NAD+ IV Therapy

Aging, sleep disruption, overtraining, sun exposure and chronic illness affect cellular health.

NAD+ IV Therapy is a vital coenzyme, naturally produced in the body, that promotes cellular defense, resilience, and repair. NAD declines up to 50% between the ages of 40 and 60.

Your cells are the foundation of your health. They work tirelessly to keep you resilient and the best way to maintain your overall well-being is to get to the core of your body. Cellular care doesn’t just revitalize one part of you—it nourishes every cell, supporting all of you.

Stay Energized and Age Healthier

Feel young and rejuvenated with NAD IV infusion therapy

NAD is the equivalent of the oil in your car that keeps engines running smoothly, but for the body. NAD is a crucial coenzyme necessary for all vital organs to function in your body. However, NAD levels decline significantly with age.

As we age our physical health struggles due to a decline in cellular energy, which can lead to illness, fatigue and even muscle weakening. Increasing the NAD⁺ levels in your body will allow the mitochondria in each of your cells to create more energy, which in turn will increase overall energy and promote healthy cell regeneration.

Infusing NAD+ into the bloodstream with IV NAD therapy can help curb the mental and physical declines associated with aging. Unlike orally ingested vitamins which must pass through the entire digestive system before getting absorbed, NAD IV infusions ensure complete absorption.

NAD infusions help people feel less fatigued and more alert—NAD is a natural “biohack” that does wonders for our DNA, bodies, and minds.

As a naturally-occurring coenzyme, NAD…

  • Improves health and lifespan
  • Resets the body’s natural circadian rhythms and internal clock
  • Repairs damaged cells
  • Protects brain cells
  • Reduces pain
  • Increases metabolism
  • Elevates mood
  • Enhances memory and concentration
  • Has anti-aging effects

A recent study demonstrated that regular NAD+ infusions can manipulate the amount of NAD+ in the body. In the study, regular NAD+ infusions in 120 adult participants, ages 60-80, increased their NAD+ levels by over 40% in eight weeks. Scientists were able to maintain these increased NAD+ levels for 60 consecutive days. The study found that not only could regular NAD+ infusions increase levels of the coenzyme, but the regular infusions could also slow the effects of aging.

Neuro Wellness Spa is excited to offer NAD+ infusions. Visit our experienced clinical team at our Manhattan Beach location today to experience an NAD+ infusion firsthand.

NAD IV Therapy Ingredients

There are two ingredients in our NAD+ IV infusion:

  • Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide
  • Saline (5)

NAD+ is a coenzyme. It occurs naturally in every living cell. It decreases with age, which is why most adults can benefit from this formula.

Saline is a common solution in IV therapy. It is a mixture of salt and water. The saline solution helps deliver the NAD+ throughout the body, and has the added benefit of increasing hydration, which can also help reduce fatigue.

How much does NAD IV therapy cost?

Neuro Wellness Spa with locations surrounding Los Angeles offers a range of service options for those interested in NAD IV Therapy infusions.

Whether you would prefer a one-time infusion or ongoing treatment, we have a program geared towards you.

NAD+ IV Therapy for Wellness

We have two singular treatment options for the wellness boost:

  1. Single NAD+ IV Therapy – $600 per session. Each session includes a 500-mg infusion of NAD+. One Single NAD+ session will last between 30 mins to 1 hour, depending on the individual.
  2. Double Dose NAD+ IV Therapy – $1000 per session. Each treatment session includes a 1000mg infusion. One Double NAD+ session will last approximately 40 mins to 2 hours, depending on the individual. (Note: The Double Dose Therapy option is available only for experienced NAD+ customers.)

With either NAD+ infusion options above, customers also have the option to add a General Wellness IV Infusion and Glutathione push the addition cost of $100.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that can only be given through IV treatment. It improves the immune system, decreases fatigue, and increases liver detoxification functions.

Maintenance Programs

For ongoing treatment, Neuro Wellness Spa also offers NAD+ Maintenance Programs:

  • Monthly Maintenance: Clients receive 12 infusions per year for $6,120/year.
  • Bi-weekly: Clients receive 24 infusions per year for $10,080/year.

Our NAD+ infusions are sure to make you feel healthier and more energized. We want to diminish the harmful effects of aging. Any of these membership and maintenance programs would provide a great amount of NAD+ to jumpstart your health. Call us today to book your first appointment!

NAD+ Neuroregenerative Protocol

This is our gold standard treatment. It helps rejuvenate brain cells and repairs damaged DNA. For $2250, you get 4 consecutive days of treatment. Each infusion is 500mg of NAD+. A session lasts 30 mins to an hour. You also receive a General Wellness Infusion and one Glutathione push on the first day. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that decreases muscle fatigue, improves immune response and augments liver detoxification functions.

NAD+ Optimal Year Program (OYP)

This program is for patients who want the benefits of regular NAD+ infusions. The annual cost is $7,200. This annual program includes 16 infusions of 500 mg of NAD+.

You also receive four General Wellness IV infusions and four glutathione pushes.  Members of the Optimal Year Program may also book a complimentary Vielight (Photobiomodulation) therapy treatment with every infusion.

Start NAD IV Therapy in Los Angeles or Santa Monica Today

Neuro Wellness Spa is here for you every step of the way when it comes to your mental health. For more information about the services we offer here at our Los Angeles and Santa Monica offices, or whether NAD IV Therapy is covered by your insurance provider, contact us today.

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