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Peak Performance TMS Treatment in Southern California

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a safe and effective treatment that uses magnetic pulses to stimulate different areas of the brain. TMS is non-invasive (does not require surgery), non-systemic (does not affect the entire body) and well-tolerated. TMS therapy can be used alone, or in conjunction with other treatment modalities including behavioral therapies and medication.

Neuro Wellness Spa is one of the leading providers of TMS in California. Our Medical Director and Founder, Dr. Martha Koo, M.D., is a pioneer in development and application of TMS therapy. Dr. Koo holds certifications in the applications of Neurostar rTMS, Brainsway Deep TMS and MagVita rTMS therapy. Additionally, she has over 20 years of experience working in private practice psychiatry. Passionate about using TMS and other therapies, Dr. Koo is dedicated to helping her patients feel their best.

TMS therapy is available at all four of our California clinics. To learn more about TMS therapy for peak performance, contact us today at 1-877-847-3984 or use our contact form.

What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy?

TMS is both non-invasive and non-systemic. It has fewer side effects than other treatments. In some cases, no side effects at all. Other treatments rely on deep brain stimulation or vagus nerve stimulation. Unlike those treatments, TMS does not require electrode implantation or surgery. It will not cause seizures or require the use of anesthesia sedation. In fact, TMS will not affect cognitive function. Patients can go about daily activities following treatment.

At our office, we show you exactly how the process works before your first session. When you make an appointment, you’ll see in person how TMS looks, and feels.

TMS safely treats symptoms of ocd, anxiety and depression. It relies on the use of magnetic energy. This stimulates parts of the brain affected by mental health disorders.

It began as a treatment option for non-responsive depression. Since, it has grown to include other disorders as well. However, it remains a depression alternative treatment option for many people. The Neuro Wellness Spa is one of the top providers of TMS therapy.

What Is Peak Performance Treatment?

Peak performance treatment uses express TMS to improve mood, increase concentration and boost cognitive performance.  Peak performance treatment is ideal for those with mild depression, mild anxiety, or those who are not interested trying in psychotropic medications.  Traditional transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a safe and effective treatment that uses magnetic pulses to stimulate the brain. Since its FDA clearance in 2008 for depression and 2018 for OCD, numerous studies have suggested TMS may also be a promising treatment for a broad range of other conditions including cognitive enhancement.

The FDA recently approved another type of TMS: Express TMS also known as Theta-Burst Stimulation. Traditional TMS uses pulses that occur at a regular, repetitive frequency. Express or theta-burst stimulation is distributed to the brain in patterned clusters of magnetic pulses. The pulses target parts of the brain responsible for mood regulation.

How Does Peak Performance Treatment Work?

When treating patients for peak performance, TMS pulses are directed towards specific areas of the brain which have been associated with mood and cognitive performance.

During TMS treatment, patients recline in a treatment chair and remain awake and alert. A TMS magnet is positioned over the patient’s head to deliver pulses to specific areas of the brain. Patients report that the pulses feel like taps on the scalp. Each treatment session lasts about 7 minutes, after which patients can immediately return back to their daily routines.

TMS is well tolerated. Sometimes patients experience mild scalp discomfort or mild headache during treatment. Most peak performance patients experience a positive response to TMS with just 2 weeks of treatment (8-10 sessions).

If you are interested in TMS therapy for peak performance, call Neuro Wellness Spa on 1-877-847-3984 or go to our Contact Us page.

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