Stress Relief IV Therapy

Feeling worried, uneasy, nervous or fretful?

Our Stress Relief IV Nutrition Formula is designed to address those symptoms and help achieve a sense of calm. Through a standard drip, IV nutrition delivers highly concentrated vitamins directly to your bloodstream, bypassing the gut for full absorption.

Our Stress Relief Formula was specially designed to promote relaxation and help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. The formula is safe, effective and administered by our highly trained clinicians at Neuro Wellness Spa.

Why Choose IV Treatment?

Our bodies need nutrients to feel their best.

On a day-to-day basis, stress, poor food choices, and environmental factors can deplete our bodies’ vitamin supplies. So, it can be hard to know if we are getting an adequate amount of water and essential nutrients in our diets. IV nutrition restores our bodies with the nutrients they need to overcome deficiencies and imbalances.

With orally ingested vitamins, nutrients must pass through the entire digestive system before getting absorbed, if they do at all. Many factors can inhibit the absorption of vitamins in their oral forms, some of which include:

  • Chronic illnesses
  • Imbalances of gut flora
  • Medications
  • Enzyme deficiencies
  • Aging

Ensuring that vitamins bypass the gut, IV nutrition is becoming a more popular route for nutrition supplementation. IV nutrition delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream. With IV nutrition, vitamins are absorbed within minutes whereas with swallowed vitamins, absorption can take hours.

When you visit us for a Total Relaxation infusion, highly concentrated vitamins are administered with a standard IV drip. Then, the vitamins are absorbed and distributed by your bloodstream to the areas of your body that need them the most.

Is Feeling Stressed or Anxious Disrupting Your Life?

If you are in need of stress relief, or if you need to reverse the effects of cortisol and of prolonged stress, then IV Therapy can help. With IV Therapy, the necessary vitamins and nutrients to relieve both the symptoms and the chemical cause of stress (cortisol) are brought directly into your bloodstream and from there to the rest of your body.

Stress and anxiety make it hard for many to go about their normal lives. Neuro Wellness Spa’s Stress Relief Formula is an effective nutritional strategy to help your body and mind to relax, promoting a balanced mood and sound sleep.

The Problem

Stress and anxiety are complex. Many factors can contribute to or worsen those feelings. Studies have shown that genetics and environmental factors play a role.

Chronic dehydration and other nutritional deficiencies can also affect mood. In addition to eating a balanced diet, drinking enough water to stay hydrated, and limiting alcohol and caffeine, there are other dietary strategies that can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Magnesium, zinc and B vitamins have been shown to reduce anxiety. Many patients choose our specifically formulated Total Relaxation Formula to ensure they are absorbing adequate amounts of those and other key vitamins.

Our Solution

As the relationship between food, mood and anxiety is garnering more and more attention, we designed our Stress Relief Formula to help those with prolonged stress and anxiety manage their symptoms.

The formula is designed to counteract nutritional deficiencies that can contribute to the burden of the condition. Our formula is a safe and effective way to optimize your nutritional health.


Our Stress Relief IV Nutrition Formula contains the following ingredients:

L-Taurine (1)

L-Taurine is known for its calming effects. The amino acid also:

  • Promotes normal heart/brain functioning
  • Facilitates the heart’s pumping action
  • Prevents alcohol-induced hypertension
  • Decreases serum cholesterol
  • Prevents involuntary muscle contractions (dystonia)
  • Prevents anxiety
  • Improves glucose tolerance
  • Helps with insulin utilization to prevent diabetes
  • Prevents fat buildup on artery walls

Magnesium (2)

Magnesium has the ability to:

  • Help prevent migraines
  • Promote muscular and vascular relaxation
  • Support asthma and fibromyalgia treatment

B-Complex (3)

B-Complex consists of:

  • B-1 (Thiamine)
  • B-2 (Riboflavin)
  • B-3 (Niacinamide)
  • B-5 (Dexpanthenol)
  • B-6 (Pyridoxine)

B vitamins impact brain function, energy levels, and cell metabolism.


B6-Pyridoxine (4)

Part of B-Complex, B6-Pyridoxine is a coenzyme. It:

  • Facilitates carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
  • Replaces loss of B-6 because of alcohol

L-Glycine (5)

L-Glycine is a building block of proteins that can help reduce fatigue. It is needed to open chlorine channels and calm excitability in membrane potentials.


One Stress Relief IV drip session is $165.

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    TMS allowed me to get over the initial hump to make the life changes necessary to live with and manage my depression.

  • TMS Helped My Depression

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    After about ten treatments, people started asking me what changed and why I seemed so much happier.

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