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How Neuro Wellness Spa Changed My Life

Shannon Hennessey was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after years of suffering through the symptoms. Now, she’s dedicated her life to mental health education, advocacy and support by co-founding The Seeking Light Foundation alongside her friend, Lilah Volpe. We spoke with Shannon about her personal experience with mental health and Neuro Wellness Spa.

What led you to seek treatment with Neuro Wellness Spa?

I felt like I was suffering for most of my life before I found Neuro Wellness Spa. I would cry for no reason and have panic attacks all the time. I remember feeling incredibly angry and anxious with myself. Most days, I couldn’t get out of bed, let alone leave my house.

Even when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and complex PTSD, I didn’t find a lot of help or relief with conventional treatments. I tried numerous trauma therapies which didn’t seem to work, and it felt like there were virtually no effective treatment options available for bipolar disorder. I knew I had to do something else, and that’s when a family friend suggested I reach out to Dr. Martha Koo.

What stood out to you the most about Neuro Wellness Spa during your first appointment?

In my first appointment with Dr. Koo, she took the time to review every medication I was on and which treatments I had tried before. She took the time to listen to me. She was the first doctor who made me feel like they were really on my team. She helped me figure out what was working, what wasn’t, and what might— that’s when I first heard about IV ketamine therapy. I was thrilled and relieved to learn that there was something else that might help.

From the minute I walked into my first ketamine appointment, I felt comfortable and safe. It’s an extremely warm, loving, and kind environment. Jana, the nurse, was so nice. Throughout my treatment, she was a constant; I would see her every time and she would sit with me the entire appointment. It all made me feel very safe and well-cared for. You can tell that their entire team really cares.

How has your life changed since Neuro Wellness Spa has been your primary healthcare provider?

My life has completely changed. I experienced so much growth during the entire treatment process. I think I grew more in those six months than I had during my entire life. My therapist even said she had never seen such incredible progress with my PTSD in such a short amount of time. She noticed how open I was and how I was no longer scared. My friends and family also told me how much I had changed for the better. I experienced so much relief from my anxiety, fear, panic attacks, and depression. It was life changing.

Woman smiling at the camera in front of a wall

I think I grew more in those six months than I had during my entire life.

What are the main reasons why you would recommend Neuro Wellness Spa to other patients?

Neuro Wellness Spa completely changed me and my life. It is a different way to get help, and in my personal opinion, it is a more effective way to get help. If you are going through something and you want to give up, don’t give up — go here. Neuro Wellness Spa provides so many different treatments that can help. It breaks my heart to see people give up because the road to recovery can be so hard, but I want to shout it from the rooftop that this is another way and it is there for you.

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