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“My experience with TMS treatment was overall a very good one. I was a very anxious person who suffered from depression as well. These issues were taking their toll on me and having adverse effects on my life. I was on a high dose of anti-depression medication, and that seemed to have only limited effectiveness. I didn’t know what else to do. I noticed one of my roommates who suffered from severe depression was smiling a lot more and appeared to be much happier as the days went on. He made a complete 180 in his attitude and general demeanor. I asked him what had changed and in his explanation, he had mentioned TMS. I was intrigued and after some more research, I decided to give it a shot. After about ten treatments, people started asking me what changed and why I seemed so much happier. They would say things like, “You never used to smile so much.” I knew it was the TMS. That’s when I knew it was helping me. I even lowered my meds to a minuscule dose, and I feel much less anxiety and a lot more clear minded. My experience with TMS has been a pleasant one, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone.”


“I have struggled with depression my entire life. I have been prescribed various medications including Lexapro, Celexa, a tricyclic antidepressant, Abilify and Bupropion. I have participated in personal and group therapy. I have tried different diets and exercise regimens. None of these treatments have offered anything close to the comprehensive relief I have experienced from TMS therapy. Before TMS I could not go more than an hour without feelings of hopelessness or helplessness. I had a negative outlook on the future. I had no energy and I felt lethargic. Getting out of bed was a monumental task some days. After I began TMS, I noticed my depressive episodes becoming less frequent, less severe, and lasting for a shorter duration. Those around me have noticed a drastic change in behavior and disposition in a short amount of time. I feel like I have come alive again where I once felt like a zombie. While I do not attribute my turnaround solely to TMS (I have been attending group and individual therapy as well as taking medication) I am sure that it has been an integral part of my recovery. It also acted as a springboard for me to make other necessary changes to my lifestyle. It helped break the cycle of feelings and behavior that can leave a depressed person trapped. When you feel bad, you don’t want to do anything. When you don’t do anything, you feel bad. TMS allowed me to get over the initial hump to make the life changes necessary to live with and manage my depression. I highly recommend TMS therapy to anyone who is struggling with depression.”


“Where do I start?? T.M.S. (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a miraculous machine that has profoundly changed my life forever. I suffered from severe depression both bio-chemically and behaviorally. I tried antidepressants that helped a little but my anxiety, anger and depression was winning. Martha Koo is an extraordinary human being who truly cares about you and your suffering.

As everything that Martha suggested I immediately said no too T.M.S being no exception. When I finally decided to commit to one more thing to try to improve my life I am ever so grateful I did. T.M.S. helps my brain to fire normally to react to stimuli with much less reactivity. It feels like an inner body experience. When people cut me off on the freeway now I just keep driving I am supposed to become enraged and shout obscenities instead I keep driving wondering who am I.

When something painful occurs in my life instead of falling into the abyss wanting to die from the pain I just move forward and let life happen. I used to plan my suicide hundreds of times a day. Now just everyone once in a while I think wouldn’t it be nice to just check out. My anxiety has changed to calmness. I don’t need to eat food to feel good anymore my cravings have all but stopped. I am in control of my life not life controlling me.

I am the happiest and most grounded that I have ever been in my life. 

I now can see a future filled with love and happiness. The darkness has been my friend forever I admit I miss him sometimes but living in the light makes me smile and bring joy to others. If Martha thinks you can benefit from T.M.S. please do yourself and everyone around you one of the biggest favors DO IT.

I have been in therapy for over 30 years struggling with my demons. I have tried several different modalities and have made a lot of progress with the help of some amazing therapist. Nothing has ever come close to TMS. Developing insights and understanding to my behavior didn’t necessarily equate to improving my behavior. I was diagnosed bi-polar a few years ago it was very helpful in understanding why their were certain parts of me I couldn’t change or improve through therapy. I have also been anxious and insecure my entire life. Since being diagnosed, I have tried several medications and finally found one that seems to be a good fit for me. but still something was missing. All my hard work/time/money/medication I still wasn’t in control of my body. My psychologist told me about the wonders of TMS and Martha Koo and that I might want to check it out. After my TMS treatments I knew I had finally found the missing link. Insights and understanding my childhood traumas has been very helpful. TMS however, improved my bio-chemistry something that therapy can’t do and drugs can only help so much and often with side effects. I am remarkably calmer, more relaxed, less angry, less anxious, less depressed, just much happier all way around with myself and the world able to handle life with much more ease. I am a much better parent and role model to my son and that alone has been priceless. If you feel you are not in control of your behavior and would like to be, please see Dr. Martha Koo.”


“My name is Rachel S. and five years ago I suffered a very severe life event that sent my already diagnosed anxiety/depression into a critical phase. I became severely depressed and unable to complete the basic daily tasks without feeling as if I was walking through tar. Family and friends worried because I did not want to get out of bed!

My therapist recommended TMS, a rather new procedure in our area at that time. That began a very positive relationship with Dr. Martha Koo and her staff at Neuro Wellness Spa. My first visit in 2010 was very helpful, as Dr. Koo and her staff dedicated a long Saturday Morning helping me adjust to this new system and overseeing my first introductory treatment. I felt hopeful for the first time in years. I am unable to take most of the drugs people with mental illness are prescribed. TMS was my last resort. With Dr Koo’s guidance and constant availability, as was her staff, I began to regain a sense of hope and wellbeing.

Thirty treatments later I was up and running and beginning to function w/o the fears that had plagued me for years. Contact with her has also been vital as she is very generous with her time and is a constant help whenever I need a repeat vist of one, two or three treatments. Her staff and she work closely with me to make sure treatment is always available if needed in order to attend to any reoccurrence of the Depression/anxiety chronic in my genetic make up. Last year Dr Koo told me about DTMS, a new type of TMS. I was very interested because as mentioned, I am not a candidate for the majority of drugs available to manage mental illnesses.

When I do begin to feel the onset of a depressive episode or an overriding sense of severe anxiety, including my official diagnosis of BiPolar I; DTMS has been more helpful then any other treatment I have exposed myself to over the years. Talk therapy is good. DTMS is far better for me, in that it quickly gets to the root of my disorder in a few short sessions and I am functioning very well once again. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of all Dr. Koo’s staff at the Neuro Wellness Spa in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Palm Desert. I am treated with respect, proper concern, a smile, quick return of all phone calls or emails. Their availability is outstanding and unusual in my experience. As I was raised with two doctors as parents in a medical world, I am very familiar with bad vs. good medical care. I can only say that Dr Koo and her staff have helped me regain a life I never imagined I could have and her medical practice is exemplary.

I can verify that, as my exposure to so many physicians, hospitals and unusual medical practices has convinced me that I am very fortunate to be in excellent Psychiatric care with Dr Koo and TMS therapy and now DTMS therapy. I encourage anyone needing help in this area of Mental Health to review Neuro Wellness Spa’s web site and make a call or email questions to her and or Dr. Koo’s staff. This TMS procedure is the real break through in my medical search for help with my own mental health.

I consider myself very lucky to have found Dr. Martha Koo, her wonderful, professional staff and the Neuro Wellness Spa. I encourage anyone with a mental health issue to look into this wonderful group of people and the treatments offered at Neuro Wellness Spa. Thank you Dr. Koo and staff for all your constant care and desire to help in my recovery.”


“For over 7 years I suffered from mild depression. By mild I mean I managed my responsibilities, but experienced little joy or happiness. My depression also caused me to be short tempered and defensive. I had trouble focusing on tasks and no motivation. I tried counseling and various medications. Neither treatment offered any relief. In a conversation with my primary care physician she recommended TMS and referred me to Dr. Koo.

After meeting with Dr. Koo I began TMS treatments. The treatments seemed too short and noninvasive to be effective. I was wrong. After 30 treatments my short temper and defensiveness were gone. It’s been over 3 months since my treatments ended and the symptoms have not returned. I’m no longer overly judgmental about myself.

The frequent annoyances I experienced are gone. I wish I had been aware of this treatment regime several years ago. It has made a significant improvement in my life and my marriage.”


“I was introduced to Dr. Martha Koo in January of 2007. I was going through a very difficult time in my life struggling with depression over the previous 6 months. It was not the first time in my life I had experience with depression but it was the first time I was not getting relief. I was being treated by a doctor near my home in Irvine, CA. I was very frustrated and felt like a guinea pig with all of the drugs being thrown at me. When I met Dr. Koo, she was very caring, kind and compassionate about helping me find relief from constant anxiety and depression. She listened intently to my history and came up with a plan. She truly cared. She followed up with me and was always a phone call away to answer a question or to hear a reassuring voice. Her plan worked and I was depression free for quite some time. Unfortunately, I found myself in a very bad state of depression 6 years later. I picked up the phone and reached out to Dr. Koo. After our meeting she suggested a new state of the art technology (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) used for treating depression. We discussed her experiences with other patients. She was seeing many positive results. I was apprehensive at first but after researching information on the internet and trusting Dr. Koo, I gave it a try.

My first few sessions with TMS did little more than give me a sense of hope that new technology might be able to help and I caught up with all of my missed episodes of “Madmen” while receiving my sessions! However, I was still depressed. But then after 15-20 sessions I noticed more of a change. A positive one. I started to feel more like myself. After 25 sessions my depression had lifted and I was back enjoying life. I was fortunate, TMS worked for me. Even after a relapse 9 months later TMS treatments pulled me out again. I have remained depression free for quite some time and hope it stays that way despite a very difficult life change that has been thrown my way. I feel fortunate to know Dr. Koo. I’m not sure you will find a more loving, caring person who can successfully treat depression as you will find in Dr.Koo. I have a place for help when I need it! I feel blessed. “


“I received a longer than usual course of TMS about 9 months ago after years of anti-depressant medication no longer served to be beneficial. Meeting Dr Koo and her kind staff was a huge and immediate relief and starting TMS provided me with the hope to proceed with a new treatment that I was at first very skeptical of. Knowing that I can resume treatment at any time is a constant source of comfort that I continue to rely on.”


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