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TMS for Memory Loss Southern California

Transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, or TMS, is an effective treatment for many mental disorders. TMS is FDA indicated for the treatment of depression and OCD. It is a safe, non-invasive, non-systemic and well-tolerated treatment option. Recent research suggests that TMS can also aid in memory loss. Memory loss affects many people as they age, and TMS may be an effective treatment option to prevent memory loss from worsening. Neuro Wellness Spa in Southern California is a leading provider of TMS treatment for memory loss.

What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy?

TMS is both non-invasive and non-systemic. It has fewer side effects than other treatments. In some cases, no side effects at all. Other treatments rely on deep brain stimulation or vagus nerve stimulation. Unlike those treatments, TMS does not require electrode implantation or surgery. It will not cause seizures or require the use of anesthesia sedation. In fact, TMS will not affect cognitive function. Patients can go about daily activities following treatment.

At our office, we show you exactly how the process works before your first session. When you make an appointment, you’ll see in person how TMS looks, and feels.

TMS safely treats symptoms of ocd, anxiety and depression. It relies on the use of magnetic energy. This stimulates parts of the brain affected by mental health disorders.

It began as a treatment option for non-responsive depression. Since, it has grown to include other disorders as well. However, it remains a depression alternative treatment option for many people. The Neuro Wellness Spa is one of the top providers of TMS therapy.

How is Memory Loss Treated with TMS?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) uses magnetic pulses to stimulate specific areas of the brain. This treatment may help improve:

  • Memory
  • Attention span
  • Motor function

During TMS treatment, patients recline in a treatment chair and remain awake and alert. A TMS magnet is positioned over the patient’s head to deliver pulses to specific areas of the brain. Patients report that the pulses feel like taps on the scalp. Each treatment session lasts about 30 minutes, after which patients can immediately return back to their daily routines.

TMS is well tolerated. The most common side effects are mild scalp discomfort or mild headache during active treatment. Most patients experience noticeable improvement in their symptoms after 2 weeks of TMS treatment (8-10 sessions).

Memory Loss Statistics

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, approximately 40% of Americans age 65 or older have age-related memory loss. Memory loss in 1% of these 40 million Americans will progress to more severe dementia each year.

Neuro Wellness Spa is here to help. Our TMS Therapy is also used to treat Alzheimer’s Disease as well. If you would like to learn more about TMS for memory loss, contact us today.

Signs & Symptoms of Memory Loss

All too often, memory loss is dismissed as a typical part of aging, but its effects can be far-reaching. Memory loss can severely disrupt one’s daily routine. It’s not uncommon for people with memory loss to experience symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Signs of memory loss include:

  • Forgetting recently learned information. Though it is normal to forget things and remember them later, forgetting things completely can be a sign of more severe memory loss.
  • Decrease in the ability to plan. People with memory loss may have trouble formulating, remembering, or concentrating on plans.
  • Frequent confusion of place or time. People with memory loss may lose track of time or where they are, which can result in forgetting the date or how they got to a certain place.
  • Misplacing items. Things are frequently lost or put in unorthodox places.
  • Lack of judgment. People suffering with loss of memory may become more financially irresponsible or display a lack of attention to cleaning or grooming themselves.
  • Change in temperament. Memory loss can lead to confusion, irritation and frustration.

At Neuro Wellness Spa, we are proud to offer TMS therapy as a treatment option for memory loss. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation.

• • FAQ • •

TMS for Memory Loss

  • Is TMS Effective for Memory Loss?

    Though research for TMS therapy with memory loss is still being developed, our physicians at Neuro Wellness Spa have witnessed excellent improvements in patients with memory loss. Patients have reported being able to remember small details and maintain a schedule weeks after treatment.

  • Can TMS Exacerbate Memory Loss Symptoms?

    No, TMS does not exacerbate memory loss symptoms. The only side effects that have been observed currently are temporary headaches and jaw and scalp discomfort that do not linger longer than a day after TMS treatment.

  • What Degree of Memory Loss Can TMS Treat?

    TMS therapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of mild to moderate memory loss symptoms. This includes symptoms of cognitive decline from diseases like Alzheimer’s.

  • Why Use TMS to Treat Memory Loss?

    TMS therapy is a great option for those with memory loss because of its non-invasive techniques. There are also few side effects after treatment. Patients may experience headaches after early sessions of TMS. Mild jaw pain and scalp discomfort are also reported as temporary side effects, but these do not affect everyone.

    In addition, patients are able to continue your day as usual after treatment with little to no disruption in their routine. No sedation is involved during TMS, so your loved one will be able to continue throughout the day as normal.

  • Are Other Therapies Recommended Alongside TMS Treatments for Memory Loss?

    Alternative therapies are recommended on an individual basis, but TMS treatments can be used alongside previously prescribed medications or therapy sessions. Trained psychiatrists are available at Neuro Wellness Spa to properly diagnose any mental health issues your loved one may experience, as well as prescribe the appropriate treatment for any symptoms.

    Physicians at Neuro Wellness Spa may recommend that your loved one should try Photobiomodulation, or PBM, in addition to or instead of TMS therapy. Like TMS, PBM is non-invasive. It uses laser therapy to stimulate cells, which then reconstruct themselves in the brain.

    People suffering from memory loss near our Manhattan Beach location may also benefit from our IV Nutrition therapy. Nutritional infusions are distributed to the patient via an IV drip. This treatment can manage symptoms for depression, anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue, cancer, as well as memory loss. This can be especially helpful for those who cannot properly absorb nutrients as a result of aging, which contribute to memory loss issues.

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    It’s been over 3 months since my treatments ended and the symptoms have not returned.

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    TMS allowed me to get over the initial hump to make the life changes necessary to live with and manage my depression.

  • TMS Helped My Depression

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    After about ten treatments, people started asking me what changed and why I seemed so much happier.

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