How Much Does TMS Therapy Cost ?

Get in touch with Neuro Wellness Spa today to get an exact understanding of the benefits associated with your specific insurance plan.  Neuro Wellness Spa is an in-network facility, and as a result, is the preferred provider for the majority of major insurance plans in the area.  This translates to the patient getting the best coverage possible with their given plan!  We are currently in-network with Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Magellan, Cigna, and Aetna.  We are in the process of credentialing with a few other companies and will have in-network status soon.  We also have the ability to accept any PPO Plan (out-of-network policy). With any other HMO policy not currently in-network with Neuro Wellness Spa, we can generally set up single-case-agreements to bring these policies in-network. Call us to get these details!  We will run the benefits associated with your insurance plan so that you will know what the cost, if any at all, will be prior to even coming in for your consultation!

If you are not insured, or are with a plan that will not cover Neuro Wellness Spa, we have the ability work out cash pay scenarios that are highly competitive within the industry to ensure our patients get the treatment they need.  

Our experienced staff at Neuro Wellness Spa is available to answer any questions about TMS therapy including:  How much does TMS therapy cost?”, ”Does insurance cover TMS?”, “How does TMS work?”, “Am I an appropriate candidate for TMS?”.

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    I struggle with depression, OCD or anxiety.

    I am experiencing sadness, low energy, difficulty sleeping, poort concentration, appetite changes, irritability or weight gain/loss.

    I have tried, or am currently on, 3 or more antidepressant medications

    I have tried talk therapy

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