IV Nutrition for Depression

Most individuals understand the relation between nutrition and physical illnesses.  It is much less common, however, for the connection to be made between emotionally rooted illnesses (depression, anxiety, etc.) and nutrition.  Fortunately, nutritional neuroscience is emerging and establishing scientifically that nutrition factors are intertwined with cognition, behavior, and emotions.

The diet of the depressed is often far from adequate and frequently made up of poor food choices.  Nutrition can play a key role in not only the onset of depression, but also the severity and duration.  The most common deficiencies for mental disorders include omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins (e.g., folate), minerals, and amino acids.

With patient wellness in mind, Neuro Wellness Spa provides IV Nutrition for a variety of needs, one of which is depression.  The depression formula, exclusive to Neuro Wellness Spa, is comprised of essential nutrients that benefit the depressed state of mind.  It includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more in quantities specific to the treatment formula.  Some benefits of the depression formula include:

  • Improved overall health
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased brain function
  • Improved cell metabolism
  • Supported immune system
  • Repaired neurotransmitters
  • Improved glucose tolerance

In addition to deficient nutrients, there is also a direct link between mood and blood sugar (glucose) balance.  All consumed carbohydrates break down into glucose, and the brain runs on glucose.  If the balance of glucose fluctuates greatly, the mood will also fluctuate greatly.  Additionally, lots of refined sugar and refined carbohydrates use up the mood enhancing B vitamins.  If you find yourself ready to make positive changes to your diet and further enhance your well being, consider a low Glycemic Load (GL) diet to keep your blood sugar balanced long term. 

IV Nutrition complements many of the other therapies offered at Neuro Wellness Spa. We are happy to schedule multiple treatments together for your convenience.  All of our products are prepared at a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy lab that complies and exceeds state and national compounding regulation and standards.  IV Nutrition treatments are sterile and safe, and most people choose to reap the benefits of IV Nutrition on a weekly basis.

During your visit, you will be seated in a comfortable chair in a private or semi-private room. Most infusions last approximately 30 minutes.  During that time, you may recline, relax, and listen to music.  A registered nurse will start your IV and monitor your blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen.  Following the infusion most people experience a surge of energy, and are able to go about the day as usual.

If you wish to schedule a free consultation to discuss any of therapies that Neuro Wellness Spa provides, please do not hesitate to call.  We look forward to answering your questions and positively contributing to your health.

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