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Benefits and Side Effects of NAD Therapy

NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) Therapy fuels your body’s energy engines: your mitochondria. NAD is found within all living cells in the body. It is essential to the creation of energy in the body, it regulates pivotal cellular processes, and it acts as a powerful antioxidant, so you’re less susceptible to harmful free radicals that you encounter in foods and pollution, due to stress and excessive exercise, and from alcohol consumption. NAD+ also has a role in gene expression that’s associated with age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

As you age, the level of NAD in your cells decreases, getting in the way of your body’s natural ability to repair itself. As a result, your mental and physical health can decline. Certain lifestyle factors can accelerate this process, including stress, alcohol, poor diet, sleep problems, environmental factors, and drug use, to name a few. As your NAD levels decrease, the physical symptoms of aging increase.

Restoring NAD in your body can help improve your health in many ways.

What is NAD Therapy?

NAD is a naturally occurring co-enzyme that our body produces. NAD is found in all cells and is essential to living. NAD positively effects mental and physical functioning. This coenzyme plays a role in many different systems throughout your body, including maintaining muscle tone and function, encouraging healthy cell growth, counteracting tissue damage, and reversing damage to your mitochondria. NAD repairs and lengthens telomeres, the protective caps at the end of your DNA, which slows how quickly your body ages.

NAD has two general roles in the human body: turning nutrients into energy and helping proteins regulate other cellular functions. These processes are incredibly important. For nearly 100 years, scientists have understood this importance, but the gradual pace of scientific research and technological development has only now begun to reveal how it can be utilized.

Whether you choose an oral supplement or an IV therapy, the goal of NAD supplementation is the same: to maintain adequate levels of this coenzyme to support your health at the cellular level.

Nad therapy increases the intracellular levels of NAD to reverse age-related cellular dysfunction. Most patients feel better, more energized and just healthier. Often, patients report that they are able to lose weight more easily, concentrate better and feel less fatigued.

What is the Process of NAD Therapy?

NAD therapy administered intravenously can be a boon for your physical wellness, mental health and energy. NAD therapy involves infusing a high dose NAD directly into your bloodstream. With NAD Infusion therapy, you get the benefits of NAD more quickly than with oral supplements that need to pass through your digestive system, so you experience a faster, more effective treatment outcomes.

Not to mention, our relaxing and private infusion rooms feature pampering perks like snacks, warm blankets, and aromatherapy. During each NAD infusion, you can lounge, work on a laptop, play on your phone, read, or relax.

How is NAD Therapy Used to Treat Mental Health?

The benefits of NAD Therapy directly related to mental health treatment include:

  • Restores cellular energy, metabolism and promotes cellular repair
  • Helps regulate cellular defense and reduces inflammation
  • Elevates mood and generates the feeling of calmness and happiness
  • Supports healthy aging and cognitive function

NAD infusion therapy is most effective when multiple infusions are conducted regularly over time. Long-term maintenance and cellular support contribute to less overall damage to your mitochondria, a slower aging rate, and better cognitive health.

NAD Therapy Side Effects

NAD is safe. It is found in every cell of your body. There are no lasting adverse side effects associated with NAD infusion therapy. Thousands of people have received NAD treatements with no known adverse effects or reactions.

In the studies conducted thus far, people taking between 1000mg-2000mg per day have reported zero long term side effects. However, during the active infusion, some people may feel temporary nausea or stomach discomfort.

NAD infusion therapy helps restore the mitochondria, renewing power at the cellular level. After an infusion, most people experience increased energy, brain function, athletic performance, metabolism, mental clarity, mood and more.

NAD Therapy in Manhattan Beach, CA

Neuro Wellness Spa is one of the few locations that offers NAD Therapy in or around Manhattan Beach, California. Our outpatient setting prioritizes comfort, safety and privacy. Located in the heart of Manhattan Beach, our clinic is close to work, home or school and allows our patients to continue their work/life balance while benefiting from our services. NAD Therapy can be used alone or as an adjunct to help bolster the effectiveness of other treatment approaches.

Our experienced team at Neuro Wellness Spa is always happy to share more about NAD therapy and its benefits. Don’t hesitate to call us today.  

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